2017 Season Start Newsletter


A warm and sincere welcome to all our new players, our returning players and anyone else likely to be found treading the sidelines at a Varsity rugby game this season. It has been a reasonably eventful off-season with a number of issues to deal with at executive committee level. This has included such things as varied as clarifying a number of property related issues with UC, various debriefs and meetings at CRFU headquarters, and it will come as no surprise to some of you to know that our insurance claim from the earthquakes is still a work in progress, although we hope to have something more concrete to report in this regard in the near future!

We have a great set of people contributing to running the club, from coaches to exec members, and I would like to take this chance to publicly thank them for all their efforts getting things up and running for the commencement of the season on Saturday.

Our decade long collaboration with the UC Netball club continues, and I would like to thank Sue Wright and her team there for their efforts on our behalf: namely running the kitchen free of charge on a Saturday night (all profits go towards prizegiving) as well as her great work keeping the clubrooms looking up to scratch. 2017 sees the tenth year of this collaboration and long may it continue. We have a reasonably full social calendar of combined events with the Netball Club this year, so make sure you keep those dates free in your social schedule. Netball doesn’t start for another month yet, so if you’re sitting in the clubrooms on Saturday night wondering where the netballers are, its because they haven’t started yet!

Please make sure you make the effort to get into the clubrooms for speeches on Saturday night – these are scheduled to kick off at 6pm as per usual.

I wish you all the very best for the season, give it your all and strive to be the best you can be.

Chris Risbridger

Chairperson UCRFC

2017 Executive Committee Members

President Ivan Bolton Chairperson Chris Risbridger
Club Captain John Wright Secretary Ryan Lill
Treasurer Matt Donaldson Facilities Mark Meates
UC Liaison Ross Callon Clubrooms Hire Jared Brixton
Operations Dan Barr, Henry Boon Recruitment John Gibb
Old Maroons Ruzz Barr

Note that Craig Dickson (Fluff to those who know him) is currently on loan to Melbourne Uni as he is over there working towards his PhD.

Key Contacts:

Chairperson: ucrfc.exec@gmail.com

Club Captain: ucrfc.cc@gmail.com

Secretary: ucrfc.secretary@gmail.com

Important Dates and Social Calendar

Please note a date is yet to be confirmed for the AGM

Sat 1st April Season Starts for all teams
Sat 15th April EASTER – Men’s Div 1 Games Only
Sat 6th May Band Night – First night for Netball
Sat 20th May Club Day
Sat 27th May Quiz Night
Sat 3rd June QUEENS BIRTHDAY – Men’s Div 1 Games Only
Tue 18th July Team Photos
Sat 22nd July

Sat 16th September

Bus Trip


Clubrooms Access and Parking

Please make sure you only use the asphalt driveway for access to Ilam Fields and the clubrooms. The old gravel driveway is for the use of the Waimairi Village residents only. This includes people getting dropped off or picked up, especially at night.Your assistance here is appreciated, please spread the word and do your best to be a good neighbour.

Parking itself is likely to be as difficult as it has been the last few years. The accommodation village isn’t going anywhere in a hurry so we just have to get used to the “new normal”. This particularly applies to people with 2:45 games on busy days – don’t expect to get a park on site and it would probably pay to save yourself some stress and park on Dovedale Ave by the teachers college, or on the UC campus off Ilam Rd.

Ilam Fields Map Revised jpeg

Registration and Subs

Thanks to those of you who have got registrations and subs sorted. All players MUST be registered to be able to play in any match during the season, this is a requirement for everyone playing rugby in New Zealand. Your subs go towards keeping the club going. Shorts and socks combined come to about $50 for the set, so you’re getting a pretty good deal compared to some of the other clubs around town.

All players for 2017 need to make sure they register through the link below:


Also subs need to be sorted – $150 into the club account referenced subs, players first and last name and team they are playing for Bank Account No. 01-0833-0077395-000
Your sub includes shorts and socks as per usual.

If subs are not paid or arrangements made to pay by Tuesday 18th April subs will be $170 and those players will NOT be eligible to play on Saturday 22nd April and or any Saturday from then until some sort of payment commitment is made. No Pay – No Play regardless of team or rugby ability.


CRFU are having a big push with respect this year. This is particularly around abuse directed towards referees but also from the sideline, as well as instances of racial abuse that have arisen in the last couple of years. We hope you will not have to be told what is acceptable and what is not, but we pride ourselves on the way we go about playing rugby and abuse has absolutely no part to play in it at all.

Along with that, please make sure you respect our space. We are proud of the things we do as a club, and hope you are too. Mostly this involves doing the little things like making sure changing sheds are swept and bins emptied into the skip on a Saturday, helping out where you can, bringing your empties back to the bar, thanking your coaches and managers for their hard work etc etc!

Bar Related Things

Following on from the topic of Respect, there are a few matters I would like to clarify with regard to the bar in our clubrooms. Some of these are Club Policy, but most relate to our responsibilities as a host under the Sale of Liquor Act 2012.

Firstly, on most weekends this year we will be having a designated Bar Manager from outside the club on duty. This differs from previous years when the Bar Manager has been a volunteer from the Rugby or Netball Clubs. They will be introduced to the club in due course, but please do not be offended if they ask for your membership card as it will take them a while to get to know everyone.

As we operate under a club license (rather than an on license) the only people we can serve are club members (you should have your card with you at all times in the clubrooms to prove your membership), invited guests of club members (please sign these in to the book on the bar) and members of affiliated clubs with reciprocal visiting rights (essentially all other rugby clubs in Canterbury, plus members of other UCSA Affiliated Clubs). To be a member you must have registered and made payment towards your subs (cut off date 22nd April).

Intoxicated patrons are not allowed to be served. This is a large part of the Bar Manager’s training process, and there are criteria that have to be applied to determine if a patron is intoxicated. Under the 2012 Act if you appear to be intoxicated under two of the four criteria, you cannot be served. Feel free to check the list here. There are fines of up to $10,000 for serving an intoxicated patron, and this judgement belongs entirely to the Bar Manager. Please respect their decisions in this regard, or better yet, don’t let your mates get in a state where they can’t be served.

The Club’s License runs until 11pm on a Saturday. No exceptions unless we have organised a late license in advance. Please also note that there is strictly no BYO alcohol onto the premises. No exceptions here either.

Blue Card Concussion Procedures

Please note that the Blue Card concussion trial is now NZRU policy. Check out the details here

New Trophy with HSOB

Ruzz Barr from the Old Maroons (our ex-players group) has been involved in getting a trophy for competition between our Div 1 team and HSOB in memory of Jim Burrows, who amongst other things was a champion boxer, 1928 All Black, a member of both clubs and rose to the rank of Brigadier General during WWII. If you’re interested, you can find out a bit more about the man here. The trophy will be presented to both teams prior to being competed for on 29th April at Ilam.

This week’s draw

First Round Draws have been posted here

This week we have

Div 1 Vipers vs Burnside – 1445 Linfield 4

Women Viperettes vs HSOB – 1445 Ilam 1

Div 2 Yams vs Belfast – 1300 Ilam 1

Div 3 Tigers vs Shirley – 1445 Burwood 1

Colts Prem Pythons – 1300 Ilam 2

Colts Reserve Copperheads – 1300 Ilam 3


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